The Standard Collection Vol. 2


The Standard Collection Vol. 2


Collection Includes: 12 Black & White Presets. 6 with grain, and 6 with grain removal.

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The Standard Collection for Adobe Lightroom CC 6, 5 & 4

The Standard Collection Vol. 2 is my go-to preset pack for the majority of my B&W work. It includes 6 different presets, all with a similar, yet distinct look. I've even included an additional 6 presets that have added grain to them, same edit, different feel. Grain, adds an additional layer of emotion and can be the difference between how you want to tell your story through your images. Each preset has been named for the situation in which I need them. This collection is ideal for street photography, but the beauty of B&W will allow you to use these presets in any situation. As you can see, I've included a series from a recent portrait session of mine.

Pack Includes 9 Lightroom Presets
B&W With Grain
Boost With Grain
Bright Wash
Bright Wash With Grain
Contrast With Grain
Dramatic With Grain
Natural With Grain

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Here's an example in street photography. The images are organized in the same order as the ones above. (B&W, Boost, Bright Wash, Contrast, Dramatic and Natural). The particular set below has the grain effect added to the images.