Street Is Talking Vol. 2

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StreetIsTolkingVol.2 - Header V2.png

Street Is Talking Vol. 2


Collection Includes: 9 Lightroom Presets

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The Street Is Talking Vol. 2 for Adobe Lightroom Classic (7.3 & Higher)

The Street Is Talking Vol. 2 is my most colorful preset pack to date. It's inspired by the streets of Chicago, which present a different look from what I'm accustomed to here in Detroit. Each preset has been made with versatility in mind, meaning these will work in a number of lighting conditions. This collection is ideal for street photography, but feel free to apply them to any other genre, as they are meant to be used as the foundation for your editing process. 

Pack Includes 9 Lightroom Presets
B&W Highlights
City Tones 2
Color Film... Kinda
Cool Blue
Flat Pop
Muddy B&W
Old City
Warm Grain

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