This Tip Will Change How You Take Street Photographs


Want to know one of the greatest kept secrets in street photography? If i tell you, you can’t tell anyone else… You just have to implement it. Photograph with your kid! Alright, that will be $10… I take PayPal and Bitcoin. But in all seriousness, photographing with your kids gives you a huge advantage, not in terms of skill, but in terms of confidence.

When I’m out at the beach or the water park alone, I feel like a creep. Chances are you do too and if we’re being honest, people probably look at you and think that as well. However, when I’m with my daughter I’m just the same as everyone else. My daughter doesn’t even have to be near me while I’m shooting… I’m there with her and that gives me the validation I need to be photographing. Maybe I’m stepping a few feet away to get a wide shot of her playing by the water… It’s not my fault your kid happened to be in the photo.

Obviously, whenever your out with your kid you want to have someone else with you… Can’t just go off and take photographs and leave your kid alone, but you guys know that… At least, I hope you do.

Anyway, here is my session from Lakeside Park. I think these photographs turned out way better then what I was able to create at West Palm Beach… Let me know what you think about this in the comments.

Shot with: Fujifilm XF10