Camera Therapy: Street Photography After Dark

I used to photograph at night simply to get out of a funk… But now I’m starting to actually enjoy it. It’s a completely different scene out there. My typical photo process is to take close up images of subjects that I think are interesting. In that image I either capture them looking at me or I try to capture an expression that tells a story (angry, sad, happy). At night, I simply can’t do that. No one is going to let me come with in a few of inches o them, it’s just to sketchy, thus I have to tell stories from a far, which isn’t my area of expertise.

I also like the fact that when I only come home with a few images, I’m so selective when it comes to the scene. So many elements have to be in place to consider it a keeper. The lighting has to be solid, the subject has to tell a story without being visible and I just feel like I need a bit of the city to be involved. It’s really a different experience.

I went out recently and shot within a few block radius, it was far to cold to really explore Detroit. I only lasted an hour or so but I saw so many potential images… I’ll definitely be back out there over the next few days. I was also shocked by how well the Fujifilm XC 16-50 did. It’s a kit lens and it’s for their consumer line. This would be the equivalent to Canon’s 18-55 or Nikon’s 18-55. The difference in quality between this lens and those lenses are night and day. I don’t know what type of wizardry Fujifilm has going on… But I’m here for it.

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