Raw Photo Challenge #17

Good morning everyone! I think this is the earliest I've ever posted the RPC (shoutout to being productive). This week we have a special image by my buddy Max Schreier. If you don't know who Max is then you're probably one of the few people who isn't following him on Instagram, so yeah, make sure you go do that! 

The photo is super nice, I actually had a hard time editing it, mainly because I wanted to get this up early. It has so many elements and the type of edits are unlimited, so I'm excited to see what you all create. 

Let's start this challenge off strong by making sure we really engage early on, give tips when you post your picture, let people know your process, don't wait for them to ask. The Facebook group is the best way to do this, so be sure to sign up.

Having trouble editing? My shop has over 30 free Lightroom Presets. Be sure to check them out, download them and share them. Again they are 100% free!

** Some images in the RPC may not be 100% perfect, may of my shots are at times over or under-exposed. They are at times technically correct, criticism is welcome but remember the point is to make something out of them. Below are the rules on how you can share them**

This image is for personal use only. You have my full permission to share online via social media, however, credit must be given. This credit has to come in a form of a tag with my username being @KeenanRIVALS. Please do not attempt to sell or pass this image off as your own, this is for creative exploration, that is all!