Rant: I'm Just Like You


Dwight | Urban Bean Coffee

I've been super active lately, a lot of my recent post have been gaining traction? Why? I'm unsure, probably because of the brief feature I had over at thephoblographer.com. With the new short-term attention, a lot of people have gone out of their to reach out to me and share their opinion on my website and work. In terms of my work they said I need to pay more attention to the greats, that I need to purchase more books, notably the ones by Martin Parr or Robert Frank. 

They also went on to critique my blog, called me a fake Eric Kim and said my work resembled his (I've always been a fan of Eric's advice, though lately I haven't read much, his work has never interested me, but I don't consider it the worst of all time).

I'm here to tell you all that I'm no guru. I'm not pretending to be some 25-year-old life coach. I'm just a guy with a camera. A few years ago I picked up this hobby and I sucked at it, it was discouraging because everyone else was so good. I didn't have any friends to talk to about photography and I wanted a hub where it was okay to be mediocre, where it was okay to talk about growth and not perfection.

I'm not claiming to be the greatest street photographer of all time, nor am I claiming that I'm the king of the youth. If I give you a tip, it's just something that worked out for me, take it with a grain of salt, in 6 weeks I may realize it was the worst advice of all time...  Because like you, I'm still learning!