Introducing the NATE Cam E-Chrome Collection

Remember my friend Nate? If not, he's the one responsible for my current post processing workflow. His VSCO mobile presets for Lightroom have literally taken over my life and his B&W presets have given my work a much cleaner, consistent look. I told him if he ever created anything else he'd have my support and I'm keeping my word.

Nate just his new collection, E-Chrome, a Lightroom preset pack filled with all kinds of greatness. The pack consist of 10 different Lightroom presets with 4 different levels of strength, so essentially you get 40 different looks, but I won't advertise it like that because Nate himself isn't ;). Inside the pack is also a film toolkit, this allows you to add complex film effects with the press of a button.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on this pack early. Disclaimer, I did not pay for the pack, nor did Nate ask me to say anything good about it, he just simply sent it to me. Now I could have used this pack with beautiful portrait shots or wedding photos but I wanted to test it out on what I actually shoot, street photography, so without any more words here's how it performed.






What's Inside The Pack

EX06  Fuji tones, pro-grade
EX07  Extra Golden Kodak
EX08 – Moody Fuji Superia
EX09 – Washed-Out Portra
EX10 – Cross-Processed Fuji

EX01 – Super Clean, Ektachrome Tones
EX02  AGFA-esque, with warm reds
EX03 – Perfect Portra
EX04 – Impossibly Warm & Moody
EX05 – Kodak Maximus, Super Lush

So, what did you guys think? For those who are interested in the E-Chrome Preset Pack then be sure to check out the full pack at Nate's web site blow. For those still on the fence about the preset pack, no worries, Nate guarantees it'll be the best preset back you've ever tried.