It's Finally Here! The Have A Nice Day Hoodie!


A lot of you have asked if I'd be putting this image on some type of apparel, everything from t-shirts to hoodies and even totes has been requested. Well, I've finally decided to give it a test run! The hoodies are now available for purchase in both Black and Grey. This is a very limited run and there are only 2 days left to purchase the hoodie, so if you were one of those people who reached out to me, here's your chance!

There are some incentives to picking up this hoodie as well, I've decided everyone who buys one will get a free preset pack of their pick. That's right any preset pack from the store! Simply email me an image of you wearing the hoodie (along with your purchase order) and I'll send that pack out 7 days after your item has been received.

I appreciate everyone's support, this image has been spreading like a wildfire this year and it's because you all keep liking and submitting it to these various outlets. Again thanks for your continued support, have a nice day! :)