Fujifilm Pic of the Week: Triyadi Wijaya's 'Cross The Road'

I admit, submissions for this week's #FujifilmPicoftheWeek has been low, partially do to my absence from my social media outlets. My initial thought was to simply skip out on this week, but I thought maybe finding a photo would be just as effective. I'm the most absent on Flickr, but I remembered an awesome group I had joined a little while back, it's entitled Fuji X Family. The group itself doesn't cater to one genre of photography, but every now and then a good street photo would stand out.

My browsing led me to many photos, me and my girlfriend cyphered through and and we just couldn't decide. So we picked a theme, imperfect. I wanted an image that wasn't perfect, that wasn't technically sound, but one that still spoke to me. 

Triyadi's Cross The Road was the first to speak to me, it honestly told me a story before I even realized what was fully happening in the photo. The editing was dark, very contrasty, it created a certain mood for me, the photo had a lot of emotion. When I realized the lady was carrying her kid it made it even more profound. My thoughts shifted from this sad, lonely, depressed lady to someone who was determined, independent and focused on getting to her destination. It's funny how one element can change everything. Let me know your opinion of the photo and don't forget to submit your picture for the Fujifilm Pic of the Week.

This photograph was used with the permission of Triyadi Wijaya.
You can view more of Triyadi's work here: Facebook 
| Flickr

Fujifilm X100T
23mm | f/2 | 1/20 | ISO 3200

Gear Used