Camera Therapy: Surreptitious

Griswold is one of my favorite streets to photograph... It's the midpoint between the business scene and the hipster culture we have here in Downtown Detroit. It's where people go for their lunch breaks, it's where all lunch spots are (I recommend Which Which), so if you go from 12-2pm, you're good.

One thing I noticed with the people there is that regardless of their lifestyle they always seem to be in a rush. Running back to work from their hour lunch break, or fighting through Downtown to get food and avoid a ticket. It's rare you get people to stop and pose for you so my in order for me to shoot here I have to adjust my style. By adjusting, I mean putting my camera in the faces of others. I call this action surreptitious because it's generally deemed as an action one shouldn't do in the city of Detroit... Yet I do it almost every day with no issues... Shhh don't tell anyone though.

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Anyways here are a few shots from yesterday, if you follow me on Instagram expect to see them uploaded throughout the week. I'll be going back out Monday morning with hopes to record a video, so subscribe to my YouTube channel in order to check out that...

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