Places & Spaces | Week 11 With Korie Fields @ Cummingston Park

Finally a project that actually went according to plan! Week 11 of the Places & Spaces project was one I was nervous about, I didn't want another week to go by where someone canceled, or the weather prevented me from creating, I needed to fulfill my that void, that void to create. And thanks to Korie, I was able to do so.

Now I didn't have much involvement in the shoot, and the final images came out pretty simple, but that was Korie's approach. She runs the style/fashion blog Colour By Number, and every Wednesday she does an Outfit of the Day segment, which I had the opportunity to shoot!

The reason I chose Korie is because she is one of the few people I know who actually update their blog, they're are so many creatives here in Detroit, but only a select few of them are truly dedicated and interested in growing. Moving forward I only want to work with those select people, because in the long run it'll be beneficial to both parties.

The location we picked was very simple, that entire atmosphere had a blue collar like appeal to it, I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I felt like that verbiage would best paint the picture. The area we selected was a garage door, very minimalistic, and Korie simply just stood in front of it. She wanted me to highlight her entire outfit, while capturing the accessories and minor details that really made the fit pop!

After the garage we moved on to Cummingston Park. The park was a bit damp, honestly it was super wet out. There were puddles everywhere and the grass was not suitable for Korie's shoes, yet she stood there and let me fire away. At this time I noticed she was a bit stiff, it reverted back to the issues I've had in my previous sessions. There was a lack of conversation, and chemistry. Most of the time the people I'm shooting I've only had brief interactions with them, so to be around someone for an hour or more, well you can imagine the small talk can get kind of dry. I personally need to keep my camera to my eye, talk through the shoot, and be as natural as possible, I want my subject to feel comfortable, not as if they have to be so serious all the time.

Once I noticed this I began speaking to her a little more, I let her know that she could move around, take some risk, and if I liked something I would let her know. I positioned her a bit different and shot from different angles, a lot of those shots we didn't use, but it was awesome that I noticed these things during the shoot, not when I was home editing the pictures.

Korie Fields, Cummingston Park | Edited in Lightroom 5

All in all it was my most productive shoot in terms of facing my fears of talking to the model, but in terms of pictures I wish I would have gotten a little more out of them. At the end of the day Korie was happy, she used the pictures for her blog and I think I was able to capture her vision, which ultimately is most important. You can find the entire Places & Spaces series below, as well as directions to the location from this weeks shoot.



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