Places & Spaces | Week 10 With... Nobody!

Ahhh proud to have internet again, had some issues that Comcast couldn't figure out and after a week or so it was just because a cable was loose in the basement... But I won't complain, after all I did receive free Showtime and Starz for 3 months, so it wasn't a total let down.

Now I could've went to Starbucks to upload this, opposed to having it a week late, but I wanted to wait until my internet was back up to write about my Places & Spaces series, partially because Week 10 was a total let down. If you've been following every post, you can see I wrote a lot about it here.

For those who didn't click the link, the previous post ended with me having an idea of why my notoriety of a photographer has fell off over the last few months. I figured out that I lost a personal human element that everyone was accustom to on my instagram. My page as of January 1st has only been about photography, I honestly don't even know if there is a picture on me on there, there is no connection to the followers, there just following a page that post random pictures.I told myself that would stop, well the pictures would still be of high quality, but they would include some of my interest outside of photography as well, like food, fashion, and my family.

That isn't the only change though, with the Places & Spaces project I've switched from shooting random people to shooting people who will actually benefit from the photographs, fashion bloggers, barbers, local bars. I want to show them that higher quality images can result in an increase in business, if this statement stands true then perhaps me and those individuals could come up with some type of agreement moving forward... This way I'm not just wasting my time.

There isn't much more to say here, my rant was pretty well explained in the previous post, though overtime I've learned that if you complain, only do so if you're going to search for a solution, hopefully, I've found mine.