The 365 Project: The First 30

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I've never been one to announce my projects until I've dedicated a fair amount of time to them, which is why this has remained a secret for the past 30 days. Once the new year hit I told myself that I wanted to challenge myself with a project this year, I had a heavy debate between a 52 week portrait project, or a 365 project... For those of you who have been following the blog you know that I've sided with the portrait project, just because it seemed more realistic. Unfortunately it's hasn't been yielding the results I expected. Initially I was a little bummed out, I thought to myself "Man I should have went with the 365 project" and for a month I kicked myself for not doing so. It was then that I realized that this was my website, these are my images, and no where does it say a 365 project has to start on January 1st. So I said why not, why not just continue them both, no one was going to tell me that what I was doing was wrong or improper, and if anyone did, well, then the hell with them.

The project started on February 5th, and the the first 30 weren't exactly easy, though I never thought they would be. I knew how long it sometime took to capture a moment, and I set aside time each day for that, except what I didn't factor in was life... In life, shit happens, and I was ignorant for thinking each day for the rest of the year would be planned to perfection.

At one point in February I decided to eat meat, which left me on bed rest for a day or two, it literally tore my stomach up apart, yet I still managed to get the picture for that day. At another time my sister went into labor with twins, I wasn't able to find a babysitter for that day so the time I set aside was no longer available. But regardless of the obstacles in front of me I made it, and without further delay here are the first 30 images.


The project thus far has been a bit confusing as well, if you look at the images they really don't have much direction, some may tell a story while others were just cop outs. Over the next 11 months I really want to find a pattern, obviously not the same image each day but I want to have the 365 images tell some type of story at the end of the project year.

For those of you who enjoy the project and want to see what's to come over the next 335 days then you can view the work in its entirety over at, I also uploaded it to flickr for those who prefer that viewing experience. Follow, share, critique, show love or start your own. Either way, thanks for viewing!