Assignment Two: Depth of Field

Moving on... Hopefully this series is interesting for you at home, to be honest I've been growing quite bored of these college classes, and I'm only a few weeks in. The assignments are just to simple, take 2 pictures and turn them in, but perhaps it's because it's early on, on the other hand my professor has been having some family issues so the level of engagement has been non-existent. Anyway enough with my rant...

For assignment two our professor assigned us with a depth of field challenge. It was pretty simple, take an image of something that had both a foreground and background. The first shot would show the foreground image in focus, while the second image would show more depth, so both the foreground and background image would be in focus. 

They key to the assignment was to keep the exact same exposure through both images, and we were told to shoot at the largest and smallest aperture settings our lens offered... I didn't do this though, to be honest I didn't pay attention much in the class. I thought we were suppose to just showcase the difference between depth so I'll probably get docked for that when grading is issued.

The 2 images I shot are below, they were captured with the Fuji X100T at f/2 and f/8, the exposure settings in each image are different. All images were shot in RAW and converted to JPEG without any edits.