Assignment Three: White Balance

3 images this time folks! It's getting exciting haha. Seriously though, assignment three was another assignment I didn't take too seriously. It's not that the class isn't beneficial to beginners, but it's the fact that the resulting image is so boring it doesn't keep my attention. In our first class he mentioned us doing studio styled sessions with models, so be patient everyone it gets better.

But yeah, assignment three was focused on white balance. We were asked to take 9 images using the camera's white balance feature. The 3 settings we were asked to use were daylight, fluorescent, and incandescent (Tungsten), we were suppose to take 3 different images in 3 different light settings to display the differences. To make this more clear the goal was to take a daylight exposed image and shoot it in daylight, fluorescent and incandescent settings, then take a fluorescent light image and shoot it in daylight, incandescent and fluorescent; Hopefully you get the point.

I shot my images before class, so hopefully I get a good grade but you can see the results below. All images were shot in RAW and converted to JPEG without any edits.