First Impression: Lensmate Fujifilm X100T Thumbrest

Finally... Almost exactly a month ago I did a 'First Impression' blog post on the Fujifilm X100T. I mentioned in that post my affection for the camera, but at the same time I also expressed some things that I thought could improve our relationship. One of the things were a thumbrest, not necessarily for style, though that was a factor, but more so for functionality. The camera is beautifully designed, but for whatever reason Fujifilm decided to installed a scroll wheel to adjust the shutter speed, and despite my every effort not to accidently hit that dial, I did. 

It literally drove me crazy, so when this little accessory came in the mail a bit of joy came in the mail I smiled from ear to ear. The thumbrest I purchased was from Lensmate, it was designed specifically for the Fujifilm X100T and was the solution to all of my problems.

Gear Used

The Fujifilm X100T, and TCL-X100.

Build Quality

This is my first thumbrest, so I had no idea what to expect. Personally I thought $60 was a lot for what it offered, but apparently, this is one of the budget options. The build quality is okay I suppose, I was expecting a metal construction, but because I was so excited it was ready to ship out I didn't read. The device is actually made out of aluminum, and it's extremely lightweight.


Design wise it looks like any other thumbrest, it's not much you can do here. It's ready to go right out of the box, the thumbrest is equipped with silicon inserts on the lower side to prevent unintentional ejection, as well as silicon strips on the thumbrest itself for comfortability and grip purposes. It has been engineered to comply with The X100T's layout, there is a cutout for the shutter dial, the actual thumbrest is curved to access the scroll wheel... But they did miss a few things.

For one the unit is no where close to the color of the X100T, at least not the silver one. It's a few shades lighter, in fact it's around the same color as the hot shoe's inside. This may not be a deal breaker for most, but I think they could have made the adjustments to please the people who won't purchase the product for this very reason. The mount is also longer than the hot shoe, a slight portion hangs off the edge, it isn't flushed in, this also isn't anything to cry home about, as the silicon inserts keep the hot shoe in place, but it is noticeable. I would hate for like my strap to get caught in between there or it to get caught on something.

The Lensmate Thumbrest for the Fujifilm X100T shows it's difference in color.

Final Statement

Every device has it's pro's and con's. No the Lensmate thumbrest isn't 100% perfect when it comes to it's design, they could have improved on several things to make it a consumer favorite, as consumers I think we focus on things that have nothing to do with the reason behind purchasing this lens. Sure it's a bit longer than it should be, or it may not be the same color, but are those the reasons why I bought it? No. I purchased this because I hated hitting the damn scroll wheel on my X100T, and this device helps prevents that. It gets the job done, I'll never hit that damn wheel again, and for $60 it was damn worth it. If you shoot with the X100T, then buy this... NOW. It's a must have, not only is it comfortable, but it will increase your productivity.

The Lensmate Thumbrest is available for purchase at Amazon.

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