Camera Therapy: Winter Streets

I just want to put it out here for anyone who may be new to photography... The winter blows! I say this because, well, this is my first winter as a freelance photographer, and boy has it been brutal. It's so cold outside, like literally freezing, and I just can't wait for these months to pass by. But this are just my thoughts as a portrait/wedding styled shooter... When it comes to street photography, entirely different thought process. I love walking through downtown for miles and miles, looking for subjects, my favorite snaps are the ones of people who dress in layers, or those who are in a rush, it's something about their facial expressions, it really tells a story.

This month I started a project (which you will all be hearing about soon)... Lets just say it's been getting me out of the house, EVERYDAY, for the most part I just rome my local neighborhood, but the constant shooting has inspired me to explore a little more. I've been using these walks as an outlet as well, I'm starting to really see things differently, are my street images spectacular, no not yet, but I see growth from today vs where I was at when I first posted my "Camera Therapy" segment. I've been incorporating more people, and I'm less afraid to shoot directly at someone, I think it really shows in the shot.

I also think the growth has been a reflection of my audience increase, lately this blog has jumped in it's views, doubling or tripling what I'd usually do on a given day, so for that I want to start rewarding, you and myself with more content. Over the last week I shot a few images that I thought were share worthy, so take a look and let me know what you think.

All images below were shot with a Fujifilm X100T