Places & Spaces: 52 Week Portrait Project Update 1.0


Well it's been a month since the project started, I went back and read some of the writeups and I can see my frustration and need to vent, so I figured it would be a bit of therapy to update you all on how everything has been thus far. 

Imani Battle, Week 4/52

Before I start for those of you who aren't aware Places & Spaces is a 52 week portrait project, it was devised to help me build a portrait portfolio, but also to expose some of my favorite locations in the city. I wanted to see what it was like to do a shoot every week, I felt the need to create and finally get off my ass, and up to this point I've done so, however, my effort hasn't been it's best.

Moving forward, over the next 11 months I plan to put 100% into this project, you'll see better models, better posses, and most importantly more creativity! This project will be the stamp of who I am, how I shoot and hopefully over a course of time it will develop a look, a look that only Keenan can create, and one that I hope you all fall in love with.

In the mean time, check out the project here and make sure you follow the series on FLICKr as well.