What's In My Bag: Street Edition


It's the most popular question that you'll get as a photographer. Many people ask what you shoot with, as if your response will give them a clearer understanding as why your photos are so great (or terrible). Early on, I loved answering this question, I wanted people to know what equipment I had, I wanted to be validated, but today it's less flattering... It's an annoyance, and to some disrespectful, however for the sake of my blog, I'm willing to share.


Think Tank Retrospective 5 (Pinestone): I've always been a fan of the Retrospective bags from Think Tank, when I had the opportunity to purchase this bag pre owned for half the cost I wasted no time. Looking back a part of me wishes I would have held out for something a bit larger, to be compatible with my Macbook Pro, but I'm happy regardless. When I go on my walks around metro Detroit the bag suits me perfectly. It's customizable enough to hold everything I need. My main compartment holds both of my bodies with their equipped lenses, it also holds my cameras cleaning accessories and an extra battery charger incase the unit dies while I'm out. In the back compartment I keep my headphones, a micro USB charger and a microfiber cloth. In the rear compartment I kept it simple, the Retrospective's rain cover is neatly folded in that zipper. The camera also has 2 front front pockets, in those I just keep my film rolls, printer and SD cards.


Fuji X100T: I've done a review on this camera, at least that's what I like to call it, so the majority of you may know why I purchased it. At the moment I'm still on the fence if this camera is for me, but I do love its portability and minimalistic mentality it gives me. Much like my bag it gives off a stylish but not so expensive type of vibe, so I can shoot with it and not be afraid that someone is going to snatch it right off of me. 

Fuji AZ-1: The Fuji AZ-1 was purchased specifically for my black & white film class, I don't use it for personal work, but I do carry it with me as I normally have an assignment. I do plan on upgrading my film camera though, something a little more functionable as this camera only has 3 ISO settings, which doesn't serve me well in daylight.


Super Takumar Multi-Coated 50mm f/1.4: This is the only lens that I carry, I use it on my AZ-1 and I love it, it's an M42 mount and I was lucky enough to get one in excellent condition. It has a smooth focus and aperture rings and the metal construction really adds to the beauty. You'll see more of this lens in my vintage showdown moving forward using the Fuji X-T1.


Fuji Instax Share Printer: This needs to be in every Fuji users bag, this little device is awesome. it makes it far less awkward when I take random images of people, because it allows me to engage with them, give them a photo and create a moment that they didn't necessarily plan for. It's also a good way to meet future clients, you never know who's who needs professional photos, so use this to network and expand your clientele. 

Caiul USB Power Cable: Even though the Fuji Instax SP1 is pretty good on battery life there are times when you will need a back up power cable, especially when you consider the price of the battery, CR2 batteries aren't cheap at all. Equip this with a portable power pack and you'll be all set, I use one from Radio Shack, but I recommend this brand as well.

Fuji Instax Mini Film: Another Instax accessory... Yeah it gets expensive. The Fuji Instax Mini Film comes in twin packs on Amazon, but I try to opt out for the 50 packs, you'll save around $10 bucks which adds up over the life of the unit. Make sure when they are on sale you jump on them as I've only seen this film go up in price.

Fuji Neopan 400: Fuji Neopan is no longer produced and in the long run I may switch to Neopan 100, but with my camera and it's lack of ISO settings I need this film to compensate for when I shoot 1/1000. The higher the ISO the higher the grain, I print on Ilford Pearl paper so I really like the finished look of this combo. If I had one complaint it would be that I'm having a hard time finding it in less than 36 exposures.

Think Tank Pixel Pocket: This is simple and more than necessary if you ask me! I normally only carry about 3-4 SD cards, so the number of compartments is a bit of an overkill, but it definitely gets the job done.

Think Tank DSLR Battery Holder 2: Another Think Tank accessory, this little velcro pouch is also a small but necessary accessory, the Fuji X100T doesn't have the best power management, so extra batteries and storage are must haves for any street photographer.

Wasabi Power Battery 2pk: Wasabi batteries have always been the go to when it comes to third party power management. They are the closest things to OEM in my opinion, and they may even charge faster than Fuji's. If you factor in the extra charger you get, the value is insane!

Apple Earpods: I can't shoot without music, I don't crank it up to insane levels because I don't want anyone sneaking up on me. Earpods really work well with my ears and I'm an Apple fanboy so, yeah that speaks for itself.

Apple Lightning Cable w/Adapter: No point in being out there without a charger, I feel like these last few are self explanatory, but I'm sure there are a few of you who don't keep this in your bag so beneficial to some I assume.

Moo Business Cards: I know the digital world is taking over, but business cards are an essential part of marketing. When you attend those events, workshops or just a simple photo walk use your business cards to spark conversation. There are plenty of places you can go to get your card, I choose Moo because they are of higher quality and I don't mind investing in myself, afterall this is sometimes your first impression, why not make it a good one.

Wow, I sometimes forget that so much of that is in my bag, it's amazing that all of it can fit into the Retrospective 5, but then again that's why I love the bag so much. I hope you all enjoyed the post, and look forward to "What's In My Bag: Portrait Edition" coming soon.