Assignment One: Motion Study

Well I made it through the first 2 weeks of my Intro to Photography class and I must say... so far, so good. This week we went over Assignment Zero and got a chance to look at everyone's 24 images... Boy we're there some bad ones, no one in the class seems to understand depth of field or shutter speed, but that's expected in this type of environment.

After we finished up the final 24 images, I was informed that this class would also consist of a little photography history, pretty exciting considering I lack knowledge in that department. We were assigned to watch a documentary based on George Eastman, entitled "The Wizard of Photography". For those interested you can check out the content below.

After that we received our second homework assignment, which is truly assignment #1 since the first lesson was only implemented to inform the professor where we all stood skill wise as a photographer. This assignment was based around motion, we had to freeze, blur and focus on an image that was in motion. I've never been good at this style of photography and to be honest I thought it was a bit forward of an assignment for someone who may not know their way around a camera. Anyway I decided that the people mover downtown would be the perfect subject for this experiment, that was until security came and told me what I was doing wasn't okay. I was able to get 3 rounds of shots off, but I didn't capture the image I wanted too. I knew everyone elses photos were going to be shitty, and I could turn in anything, but what fun would that be? 

Except I never made it back out the house, we had a little snow storm here and the roads were severely dangerous, so this was all I had to work with. When I logged on to the schools website to submit my work I was informed that classes were canceled, so I had a second chance to make this perfect, or at least perfect for me. Here are the images I came out with.

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