Assignment Zero: The First 24

I was assigned my first assignment for my digital photography class two weeks ago, we had an extra week to complete this due to the holiday. It's entitled assignment zero because it isn't worth a grade, I think it's overall purpose is for the professor to see where we stand skill wise.

The assignment was for us to turn in 24 images of our liking, unedited, in a JPEG format, preferably the images should be in consecutive order, no deletes. Now this is a very beginner assignment, it requires no skill or effort and any images submitted would be excepted. I liked the challenge though, especially because I haven't shot outside of RAW on my Fuji X100T, so I was excited to take advantage of it's X-Trans CMOS II Sensor. I edit nearly every image I share, so it was also refreshing to see how I did without any tools to enhance them.

I did break one rule though, no way I was submitting 24 images without deletes. For this class I decided I was going to submit mostly street work, unless the assignment specifies otherwise, during this process I normally shoot in continuous mode, so submitting 24 consecutive images with no deletes was a no go. Sorry professor!

I thought it would be cool to share my experience with you all because there are so many debates on rather or not school is for the creative or not, many believe it stops your creative juices, so again each week I want to report you with my assignment, my results, my grade and my opinion on that weeks class.

Assignment Zero was an absolute creative experience, it was similar to shooting with film, after all these were 24 images, it was like submitting a mini portfolio, so I was very selective when I thought these pictures out, at the same time I didn't want to be overly creative and defy the technical rules he explained earlier that week.

The rules were that the shutter speed had to be equal or greater than the cameras focal length, in this case I used the Fuji X100T, which has a 35mm full frame equivalent lens, so my shutter speed had to be at least 1/60. He also wanted us to focus on metering, which is something I personally needed to work on, so I'm glad he made this a priority.

Below are the 24 images I submitted, my professor...