Detroit Design Festival - Kick-Off Party


I was honored to help out this year at the Detroit Design Festival, my assignment wasn't photography, but instead I was in charge of signing in the VIP guest. Initially, I was bummed out, that didn't sound fun at all. I'm not sure what have preferred, but yeah definitely not checking in people.However, the experience ended up being a pleasant one, it was a great social and networking opportunity. I made connections with the people I met, through in some soft jokes and even slipped a few people some extra drink wristbands. As soon as my volunteer shift was over I headed upstairs to get some event shots of my own and socialize with some of the guests I met while volunteering.

The layout was amazing, simplistic yet crowded, a combination that normally doesn't compliment each other. My favorite part was... well, the bar, but besides the free drinks I really loved the first graphic I was greeted with. The Detroit Made sign blew me away, for reasons many won't understand, but it was something about it, it made me feel humble, as a Detroiter... as if I or we the city meant something to other people and cities around the world.

I entered the huge room, the first thing I noticed was the bar, but for the sake of taking solid pictures and meeting a few people I passed the opportunity up. I met a few designers, Quicken Loan's employees, and fellow photographers. We talked about Detroit, it's future in both business and fashion, as well as some upcoming local events, including FASHION IN DETROIT and DLECTRICITY.

Beyond that, the night was a blur, one of the strong points about volunteering is that I was able to take full advantage of the drink wristbands. 3 drinks per wristband... I may have slipped a few to myself as well. I'll be back next year to help out, and hopefully more than one event. Check out the pics below, and also head over to DDF's website to gather information for their remaining schedule.