Hands Up Don't Shoot | Detroit

If you've been watching the news you're probably aware of the recent incidents that have happened to young black Americans. There's been riots, debates, and protest all over the country. Several major cities gathered together a few weeks ago to honor Mike Brown and the residents of Ferguson. During the protest here in Detroit the guest speakers and event constructors took a brief moment to educate us on our rights and informed us how important unity is, not only as a race but as people.

So, in response, my friend thought she'd gather interested parties to meet up in the same area (Hart Plaza) to not only show our respect but show our fight and the continued belief that unity can create change. We met up around noon, and the number of people who came weren't to her satisfaction, in response we squandered the area and asked a few people if they'd be interested in supported the cause and sparing 5-10 minutes for a group photo. The idea of the photo was to have everyone posing with our hands up, symbolizing our freedom, but also imitating the natural formation that many black americans feel when approached by law enforcement.

Photo Credit: Damon

I'd like to thank Charlotte for putting together the event, and also, credit her, as well as Daman and myself for the photos you all are viewing. If you'd like to see more of the photos then please check their social media handles, I've inserted them below.