Camera Therapy: Street Photography

In a world full of freelance work its common to look at your equipment as a source of income, you find yourself constantly looking for jobs or future clients instead of actually doing what you once loved. A simple walk in the park with your camera becomes asinine and at times, you may lose yourself.

I first fell in love with photography when I started using my iPhone to snap random pictures on the streets, I wasn't satisfied with uploading anything and for whatever reason I felt that these pictures gave me purpose. It became a reason to get out the house, it allowed me to dream, and most importantly it allowed me to make others smile when I couldn't.

Diving into the freelance division sometimes scares me, not because my work is weak, but because I fear that my passion will become work. Hopefully, this blog will allow me to share with you, what I originally loved about photography. I'm starting a new segment entitled "Camera Therapy", in so many words it's just street photography, but to me its an outlet. I hope you all enjoy.

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