First Impression: Day 1 With the Fujifilm X-T1 - Street Photography

I woke up bright and early trying to capture Downtown Detroit's essence, which is pretty much, corporate America. Through my brief tenure with Quicken Loans I always noticed people scrambling to get to work, the amount of traffic, people, and coffee buyers made the scene very interesting for a brief moment... Unfortunately I woke up late, by the time my Uber arrived it was 8:50AM and the majority of people were settling in at their desk preparing to make the first call of the day.

I was rather disappointed by this, my own fault as I had took way too long of a shower. Despite these major setbacks I decided to finish what I initially sought to accomplish and get a few shots in with my new best friend.

Before I continue, I want to reassure all viewers that this isn't a review, I've only had the Fuji X-T1 for 72 hours and today would be my first day outside with it. Attached to my body is an 18mm f/2 Fujinon XF Wide-angle lens, which is equivalent to 27mm on your standard FF camera.

Now I've been a Canon shooter for the last 3 years, most recently the Canon EOS 6D, so to be honest getting use to the Fuji system has been a challenge, there are several focusing options, during my street walk I was shooting with the camera in Manual mode, using AF-L to back focus, my focus peak was on, and set to highlight, and my camera was in P mode. I'm not sure what a lot of that means, but yeah... that's what my settings were.

When I arrived Downtown it was a ghost town, there were a few people in the coffee shop, couple folks waiting for the bus, but nothing truly interesting. To be honest I'm sometimes lost in Detroit, I find myself shooting more landscape than anything, the city is so dry, but maybe I'm not looking hard enough...

Today was a cold day, I assume many people weren't out, a part of me wanted to stay until the lunch rush, but 12:30 seemed so far away, I did take a few snaps, just to post and show you all, but hopefully day 2 with the Fuji X-T1 will be a little more in depth.

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