It's taken me a year to create an about me page. I guess I really didn't know where to begin... I never really knew what the page's purpose was. Is it really supposed to be about me, like my upbringing and my life story? Or is it about this website and why I created it? Whenever I attempted to write something I often asked myself "what facts about my life are interesting"? Which ones should I embellish? How do I start? Do people even care?

Perhaps I'll start with a little bit about myself? Well, my name is Keenan, I'm Detroit raised and I'm a photographer and a dreamer. 

I chose dream because I haven't really figured myself out yet. I'm a diverse being, my interest change day to day.I guess I'm passionate about being passionate.

I'm big on growth... and that's kind of what this blog is all about, me growing, it's about finding myself, and hoping that others are attracted to my story and that they are inspired to do the same.

I just so happen to take photographs. I've been freelancing since 2012! I've tried just about every genre of photography, weddings, events, portraiture, you name it, I've tried it. None of them really stuck... except street photography. It's the only form of photography that I will do for free, it's exciting and I like the idea of capturing new moments everyday.

Some people call me a street photographer...

Do titles really matter? I'm a kid who just enjoys living. 

Hopefully, I can inspire you to do the same.



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