Ardis Collection Vol. 1

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ardis collectionvol.1.png

Ardis Collection Vol. 1


Collection Includes: 5 different presets.

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*Digital Download Only*

Ardis Collection Vol 1 for Adobe Lightroom CC 6, 5 & 4

Huge thanks to Ardis Pictures for collaborating with me to bring you 5 new presets to add to your collection. This pack was created because of my appreciation for tones. Lately on Instagram I've seen a particular editing style that's very popular amongst the users, one individual, Artist Pictures photographs and editing style stood out to me so I asked him if he could contribute to the community.

This pack contains 5 different presets, all which you can see below. There's a mix of fades, tone curves and black and white involved in this pack. These presets are meant to be used as a final edit to your picture, though you can be as creative as you want with the preset settings.

Preset Pack Includes

Black & White
Night Time Fade
Soft Fade
Black & White (High ISO + Grain)

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