What Story Do Your Images Tell?

A few months ago I was shooting an event here in Downtown Detroit. It was based on the Auto Show and the majority of the attendees were from the press. I caught up with a guy from my favorite magazine here in Detroit, Hour, and I approached him in a non-salesman way. We chatted it up for a bit, talked about the magazine, about Detroit and the future of print. At the end of the conversation, I circled back around and explained to him that print was important to me because as a photographer I think it's the best way to have your work viewed.  This was my way of saying, hey, I'm a photographer, I love your magazine, help me.

The pitch worked, he took my contact info and a few days later I received an email stating that he'd like to see some of my work and pass it along to his media manager. I was stoked about this opportunity, I called my friends, family and whomever else's opinion I valued. This lasted for an hour or so.

When I sat down at my computer to select the images I was going to send him, well, I didn't know where to start. Would he understand this street image? Does it make sense without context (daily vlogs). It was almost reminiscent of what I went through when Eric Kim featured me on his blog. It made me question...Are my images even good? What story do they tell? And more importantly what story did I want them to tell?

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I write this to inform you guys to make the same mistake that I did. When you go out, it's okay to take photographs of the ordinary, after all that's what street photography is, but it's also important that you have a slight idea of what type of image you want to capture or what type of story you want to tell. I want my photographs to be seen by the masses, but I can't expect them to read a story with no plot.

I'll update you guys within the next few weeks on how this situation plays out and if any readers have tips on how to tell better stories when out on the streets then please do so in the comments, I'm sure the readers and myself will appreciate the advice.