Raw Photo Challenge #37

Welcome back! Feels good to do this 2 weeks in a row. This week we have an image from Sebastian .Dammann, Sebastian has won many of the raw photo challenges in the past, so you guys better step it up as he has the advantage when it comes to editing his own photo haha. Seriously though this is a wonderful image, I'm not sure how much RAW editing potential it has, but you guys always seem to prove that theory wrong. Anyway, happy editing!

Having trouble editing? My shop has over 30 Lightroom Presets. be sure to check them out, feel free to share them with family and friends. 

** Some images in the RPC may not be 100% perfect, may of my shots are at times over or under-exposed. They are at times technically correct, criticism is welcome but remember the point is to make something out of them. Below are the rules on how you can share them**

This image is for personal use only. You have my full permission to share online via social media, however, credit must be given. This credit has to come in a form of a tag with my username being @KeenanRIVALS. Please do not attempt to sell or pass this image off as your own, this is for creative exploration, that is all!

In order for this thing to keep going, we're going to need members to submit. No photo is a bad photo, unless it's not RAW of course.