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It's taken me a year to create an about me page. I guess I really didn't know where to begin... I never really knew what the page's purpose was. Was it really suppose to be about me, like my upbringing and life story? Or is it about this website and why I created it? Whenever I attempted to write something I often asked myself "what facts about my life are interesting"? Which ones should I embellish? How do I start? Do people even care?

Perhaps I'll start with a little bit about myself? Well, my name is Keenan, I'm Detroit raised and I'm a dreamer. 

I chose dream because I haven't really figured myself out yet. I'm a diverse being, what I'm passionate about depends on the day you ask me.

I'm big on growth... and that's kind of what this blog is all about, me growing, it's about finding myself, and hoping that others are attracted to my story and that they are inspired to do the same.

I just so happen to take photographs. During my 2 years of professionally shooting I've tried just about everything, weddings, events... people. I found that what I had a true passion for was the streets. So I guess I'm a street photographer.

In the same breath, I love the idea of capturing growth, Detroit is a city that's growing... I have a group of friends who've decided to call this new wave that we dream about as New Detroit... So essentially I want to capture New Detroit. I want to document the process,  maybe I'm a documentary photographer? 

Oh, by the way, I run a blog, you're reading it now! I love blogging, it's actually what got me into photography, so yeah, I'm a blogger too... 

Do titles really matter? I'm a kid who loves everything, I take everything I do serious and I truly believe that each day I can be great in whatever creative category I decide to partake in... 

Hopefully, I can inspire you to do the same.



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